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Who are we at DPM Diving? By definition from the dictionary… f****** awesome. / Impressive, attractive, desirable, etc.


It applies to people, experiences, situations. Actually, it applies to pretty much everything, and to scuba diving in Thailand as well.


A bit of an unconventional name? A bit… like us! We are unconventional. We haven’t found a better way nor a more popular one to define diving in Koh Tao the way we’ve experimented it, which is exactly the kind of diving that we want to share with all of you.


We are a group consisting of professionals from Argentina, Chile and Spain and we make our best efforts to honor our name, making scuba diving a really fun and safe activity. Our objective is to make our house yours, and our passion, scuba diving, your passion too. Basically, we deliver diving courses in Koh Tao in Spanish (in English, Italian and French, too), in a beautiful island located in the gulf of Thailand, a place where what you can see and experience underwater is even prettier and more impressive than in the surface.

Cursos de buceo en Koh Tao en español
Cursos de buceo en koh tao en español-DPM Diving

Have you decided to go diving in Koh Tao? Great! Here’s how it goes: there are two big diving schools that deliver international certificates, and of course, we work with both of them. If you come to DPM you will be able to take your diving courses in Koh Tao in English with either PADI or SSI, and in both cases you will obtain a diving certificate, becoming King or Queen of the Seas, that will last a lifetime and you’ll be able to use it anywhere in the world.


If you’ve been underwater before, or if you’ve never used a pair of flippers in your life, we’ve got diving courses in Koh Tao in English appropiate for you. With us you’ll be able to go from the beginner to professional level courses, like the Divemaster, Open Water, Advanced, First Aid and Rescue diver.


We hope that at DPM diving ends up meaning something different for each one of you. What’s certain is that we will put all our energy and effort into making your diving courses in Koh Tao as fun, professional and memorable as possible, and leave you crazy about scuba diving and in love with Koh Tao.

Diving courses in Koh Tao in English and Spanish

Try Scuba Diver


So you wanna know what all this diving thing is about… very well, brave one, we’ve got just the course for you, Scuba Diver: two submersions, up to twelve (12) meters of depth and tons of love is what we offer on your first breathing underwater experience. If you add new equipment and small groups to equation it turns into a freaking amazing way of finding out what hides beneath the crystalline waters of Koh Tao and feeling like Jaques Cousteau for a day. If there’s something we can promise you, little fish, is that you’ll never forget your first bubbles under Thailand waters. Do you want more? Start with the diving courses in Koh Tao in English and start exploring the fascinating underwater world.


This is how your Scuba Diver will be!

Rescue diver


If you’ve come all the way here, scuba diving is most certainly a passion for you, and you wanna take it further. In two (2) days, you’ll learn how to detect and solve situations ruled by panic and stress, help other divers in trouble and develop your searching and recovery technique. By the way, you need a first aid course that takes twelve (12) months to complete before having access to the rescue one, but if you don’t have it, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


This is how your RESCUE will be!

Open Water diver


This course is for those free spirits wanting to navigate the seven seas and make of scuba diving more than just a holiday experience, becoming independent certified divers. You’ll be joining us on the ship for three (3) days in which, step by step, we’ll teach you all the secrets and give you all the tips in how to be independent underwater, while descending to the considerable depth of eighteen (18) meters. At the end you’ll learn a lot, improve your technique, overcome fears and of course, you’ll have plenty of fun. You’ll also become a proud owner of a diving license that you can use anywhere in the world for the duration of your entire life; not bad, huh? We wait for you in Koh Tao!


This is how your OPEN WATER will be!


Cursos de buceo en Koh Tao en español-Divemaster

Welcome to the first professional level among the diving courses in Koh Tao in English. It will be a pleasure having you on our school for two and a half months. You will learn the skills and techniques to manage groups as a guide doing workshops, assisting the instructors on their courses and going for professional diving practices. You’ll finish this course with many dives on your back, knowledge of safety, leading capabilities and most importantly, a huge smile.


This is how your DIVEMASTER will be!

Advance diver


Two (2) days of diving, with five (5) adventurous submersions of your own choosing: Nocturnal… yes, yes, at night! Orientation, or more like understanding the compass and not getting lost underwater, nothing less than 30 meters under the surface; Floatability, did anybody say tritons or sirens? Sunken ship, the name says it all, you won’t be dissappointed; Naturalist, you’ll be able to recognize every species of underwater animals and corals, and you’ll never watch “Finding Nemo” with the same eyes again; Search and Recovery, it’s kind of like being Indiana Jones but on a wetsuit. The course’s name is “Advanced”, but we could change for “Underwater Superhero”, will you dare to explore it?


This is how your ADVANCED will be!


Cursos de buceo profesional en Koh Tao-Instructor development course

We know that scuba diving is not just a hobby for you, it has become a lifestyle. Why not turn it into an actual job? Take the leap! The Instructor course will change your life. After two very intense weeks, you’ll be ready to teach other people how to dive; which means you’ll be able to live off your passion, and besides enjoying a very fullfilling job, it will give you freedom as well. The only thing you need is water, and that, my friend, in this world we have plenty.


And of course, the most fun and impressive FUN DIVES! If you already know how to dive and you just simply need a guide, you can count on us. We’ll take you to the best diving sites in Koh Tao and explain everything you need to know about them and more about each one of them. You’ll obviously have us by your side during the entire submersion, to guide you and take care of you like you deserve.

I want more information!

Diving Sites in Koh Tao

Pottery y 3 Rocks

Level: easy
Depth: 5-12 m


At only 2 minutes from Mae Haad you can find this spot, perfect for beginners. Exploring the three rocks, bathed in coral, you can find a swim through, and if you want a bit more depth, there’s the Pottery right next to it.


What you might find: globefish, angelfish, seahorses, bannerfish, butterflyfish, green turtles, carey turtles…


Level: easy
Depth: 10 m


Junkyard is an artificial coral reef that is very popular among scuba divers, created by the members of eco Koh Tao (ecokohtao.com) with the objective of reducing the impact of divers in the other diving sites of the island. I’m sure you never thought of you’d see an underwater gym, including dumbbells and everything! Or an underwater car. The fish find it very cozy, so many have moved in to live here. Another thing in Junkyard’s favor is that you can find and enjoy species that are not so easily found in other sites of the island.


What you might find: globefish, rays, boxfish, harlequinfish, batfish, triggerfish.

Hin Pee Wee

Level: medium
Depth: 8-28 m


Located near the port and just a few meters from Sattakut, the star among flotsams in Koh Tao. Hin Pee Wee is formed by a main pinnacle, surrounded by rocky formations. It’s a good place to visit after having explored the sunken ship.


What you might find: white corals, nudibranquia, angelfish, butterflyfish, barracudas, bannerfish, brunettes, globefish.

White Rock

Level: easy-medium
Depth: 5-22 m


White rock is one of Koh Tao’s largest and most popular sites, due to the big amount and variety of fish that live there. It consists of two rocky formations, one of them being the famous “white rock”, with coral gardens between them. This place deserves more than one visit to explore it all. We’re convinced that it’ll keep you entertained for hours.


What you might find: turtles, triggerfish, angelfish, rays, serpents, limafish, angelfish, butterflyfish, brunettes, barracudas (mostly at night).

No Name

Level: Advanced
Depth 14-30


If your diving partner and you are lonely adventurers, this is your spot. You won’t see many other divers, but a wide variety of underwater life. You’ll feel like a true explorer diving around the mysterious nameless pinnacle.


What you might find: nudibranquia, sea serpents, triggerfish, brunettes, angelfiish, butterflyfish, batfish.


Level: easy-medium
Depth: 5-18 m


Formed mainly by the two twin pinnacles, Twins has gained the honor of being the most popular diving site in Koh Tao; and it’s got its reasons: calm waters, many possibilities despite your diving level and a stunning landscape… Come see why everybody loves Twins.


What you might find: clownfish, gobies, rays, turtles, brunettes, batfish, limafish, triggerfish, angelfish, wrasse fish, grouperfish, barracuda.

Buoyancy World

Level: easy
Depth: 10-15 m


Welcome to one of the most original diving sites of Koh Tao! Buoyancy World was built by different schools, with the objective of students having a place to practice their floatability, but then many fish found a safe home here, away from their evil predators. Enjoy its diving through its different structures while you’re learning!

Green Rock

Level: intermediate
Depth 5-25 m


Green Rock is just a wonder. It consists of different rocky formations, enabling several swim throughs to explore, and as if that wasn’t enough, the number of triggerfish make it the most exciting diving site of the island. You’ll never get bored here, that we can promise.


What you might find: triggerfish, serpents, bannerfish, brunettes.

Red Rock

Level: intermediate
Depth: 5-20 m


Red Rock is one of the best spots of the island to do a drop off: the way to the Japanese Gardens is simply fascinating! You can also find the Nang Yuan cave, a 12 meters of a bright swim through, with different ways out. Dare to take on the adventure?


What you might find: turtles, triggerifsh, bannerfish, serpents, globefish, rays.

Japanese Gardens

Level: easy
Depth 1-14 m


Incredibly beautiful as it is quiet, Japanese Gardens is perfect for beginners. Its high amount and variety of coral will make you speechless; if you add its different swim throughs to this, you’ll get one of the most fascinating diving spots to learn the art of moving underwater.


What you might find: angelfish, butterflyfish, triggerfish, globefish, bannerfish, damselfish, wrassefish


Level: advanced
Depth: 12-35 m


Ask anyone, Chumphon is the favorite spot of every diver in Tao. Not only theirs, but whale sharks’ as well. It consists of an enormous pinnacle that takes you from 30 to 14 meters, with an anemonae garden in its less deep part. And who are anemonae’s best friends? Yes, clownfish! If you continue heading southeast, you’ll reach Barracuda Rock, a spot that surely deserves a visit.


What you might find: whale sharks, giant groupers, barracudas, clownfish, serpents

Mango Bay

Level: easy
Depth: 2-18 m


Mango Bay is the perfect spot for the Open Water divers, with a wide sand extension where you can practice, and two big coral fields that you can visit after you’re able to control your floatability.


What you might find: fusiliers, parrotfish, butterflyfish, triggerfish, nudibranchs, sea horses, barracudas, damselfish, clownfish.

Shark Island

Level: advanced
Depth: 4-25 m


Shark island is big, with rocky formations and an amazing amount of life underwater, which turns it into an amusement park for the most experienced. The currents can be really strong in this area, so be careful!


What you might find: triggerfish, barracudas, batfish, bannerfish, groupers.

Southwest Pinnacle

Level: advanced
Depth: 5-30 m


Southwest is a big contender for Koh Tao’s best diving spot. It consists of a great pinnacle surrounded by small rocky formations. Don’t tell anyone… but if you dive from here in the southeast direction, you’ll find a secret pinnacle and tell us what you think of it.


What you might find: giant groupers, whale sharks barracudas, limafish, cobies.

Sail Rock

Level: intermediate
Depth: 1-35 m


SAIL ROCK deserves the caps: the best diving place in the entire Gulf of Thailand. It’s an hour trip from Koh Tao on a ship, but the place is so amazing that almost every diving school will make efforts to go there. Sail Rock consists of an enormous pinnacle that starts on the surface and goes down to 35 meters deep. The amount of life that you’ll find and enjoy there will leave you speechless, but yet another one of Sail Rock’s charms is the famous chimney, which takes you from 20 meters deep to 5.


What you might find: chimney, giant groupers, barracudas, giant brunettes, whale sharks, batfish, fusiliers.

HTMS Sattakut

Level: advanced
Depth: 20-30 m


The Sattakut is the star among all floatsams in Koh Tao. It’s a US Navy ship utilized to occupy the japanese islands during World War II. Its 50 meters of depth and the two cannon ships make it something that you can’t pass on when you’re in Koh Tao.


What you might find: giant groupers, rays, globefish, batfish.

Puntos de buceo en Koh Tao - DPM Diving

Your course + lodging at the best possible price


Hostel en Koh Tao DPM

Bedroom with 10 completely new beds, air conditioner, 2 bathrooms and wi-fi on every room. Price is 300 baths, but if you’re taking a diving course with us, price is 200 baths.


Cabaña en Koh Tao DPM

Renovated Bungalows for 2 people with new painting, new matresses, fans, private bathrooms and wi-fi on every room. Price is 600 baths, but if you’re taking a diving course with us, price is 400 baths.

Hotel / Resort

Koh Tao Resort DPM

Tanote Villa Hill Resort is located in the east area of Koh Tao, high on a hill, surrounded by nature and tropical birds. Most of the rooms offer the best views to the ocean, or some their infinity pools.

The best atmosphere in Koh Tao!

Ocean views, susets, pisco, fernet, milkshakes and much more!

Everything tastes better in Koh Tao with a cool beer in our panoramic terrace.

What is DPM?

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We know you’re traveling and that Thailand is not exactly close to home. That’s why, in DPM Diving we try to be much more than a school that offers scuba diving courses in english in Koh Tao: we want you to feel at home. We’ll do everything at our disposal to help you with accomodations, renting your bike, tell you where to eat, the best parties and the most beautiful beaches. Don’t hesitate in asking us about anything you need, we’re all Koh Tao experts.


Every morning we get together for breakfast at around 8:30, everyone, instructors and students, before heading to the boat. Hey! Who licked my leg? Wow, we’re not that weird! It’s probably DPM’s queen, our little dog Cumbia. She’s little, though getting bigger and bigger every day, absolutely adorable and the prettiest in the island. We’re convinced that you’ll love her as much as we do.


Since divers can’t live only off breakfast, we also do asados (a traditional argentinian barbecue), and it’s wrong for us to say it but… they’re probably the best thing in Koh Tao. We think it’s a good way of meeting each other, enjoy, talk about our day and eat ribs as if there’s no tomorrow. Hey, we already let you know, our home is your home.


Koh Tao is pretty nice, actually, it’s exactly what you imagine when you think of a tropical paradise, but each month we get the bug of visiting Koh Phangan and its famous “Full Moon” party. We were only missing one little detail, there was no latin music… luckily, we were there to make it right. That’s how our famous Full Moon party “latin preparties” were born. It’s already an institution among latins visiting Koh Phangan, and that’s all thanks to you. You are the best.


Welcome to DPM Diving School: join us, get yourself comfortable, try on some diving fins and start enjoying your diving courses in english in Koh Tao. It’s an honor that you’ve chosen us to discover Koh Tao, on the surface as well as underwater. Trust us, you will have a hell of a good time.