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SSI Dive Master

@ DPM, being part of our Dive Masters team is more than just about getting your courses approved. Our 2-month program includes more time with our students, more time in the water, more advices and suggestions. We´ll teach you the full lifecycle of working at a dive center and all areas of the professional industry. Throughout this unique approach, we´ve built a solid reputation of diving professionals, of high quality standards and capable of performing at the highest level of demand all around the world. Dive Master, change your life! (Let´s Dive, Master!)

SSI Dive Master + Assistant Instructor

A continuación del programa de Dive Master tendrás el curso de 1 mes de Asistente de Instructor. Esta certificación te habilitará a tener trato directo con los clientes, siempre acompañado de un instructor para asistirte. Ya estarás un paso más cerca de ser instructor.

SSI Instructor

This 14 days program will get you ready and certified to instruct from beginners to advanced divers, including specialties such as EAN (nitrox) and perfect buoyancy. ste es un curso intensivo de 14 días en el que te preparamos para dar Bautismos de buceo, cursos de Open Water, Advanced Adventurer, Aire enriquecido y Flotabilidad perfecta.

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